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Conduit for Self-Healing

Are you feeling "stuck"?

Does money seem to come and go?

Are you a business owner finding it hard to
get ahead of “the curve”?

Are you grieving the loss of someone or a job or something else?

Are you in a state of "coping" or "survival"?

I'm Debra, and if any of these sound like you, you are in the right place and I promise to take very good care of you! 

It all starts with you. 

You can take an aspirin to deal with a physical pain, but if you don't get at what is causing the pain, all you're doing is masking it, temporarily. 

In the same way, if your life is just not going the way you want it to, or you see yourself repeating the same patterns throughout your life, and you've just been trying to cope with it all, you may be managing it, but you're not really getting at the core of why you are where you are.

So where does energy work or Reiki fit in to this picture?  Good question!

First, can we both agree that as human beings we are made up of energy? 

Actually, all things in nature are made of energy.

It's a scientific fact.  There are tools now that can measure the vibration of all things in nature.  We have the EKG that measures the electrical activity of the heart and we have the EEG that measures the electrical activity in the brain, and there are others.

Through science we know now that as humans we have energy centers, seven major ones referred to as Chakras.  Eastern philosophy has known this for centuries; it's just that we in the west are a little slow to the party!  We have to have "proof".  We have that now.

How It Impacts You

Each of those energy centers impact how you show up in life, from your ability to give and receive love easily, to your ability to take action in your life, to even being able to "see" what your purpose is here on this planet.

Those energy centers, through either physical or emotional trauma in your life, can become congested, which affects the flow of energy in your body.  When that flow is interrupted for any length of time, it effects you mentally, emotionally, spiritually and long-term, physically.

I can give you real life "scenarios", and if those scenarios "fit", we can trace it to which energy centers are involved.  I have a process for that in fact, it's my signature Chakra Energy Diagnostics Program.
But hey, I recognize that all of this stuff may be very new to you.  You may really want to create change but you're not sure if Reiki or energy work is the answer.  I get it.

It's No Accident that You're Here, on This Website

I believe we are drawn to the people, places and things we most need in our lives.  That's no accident.  Now maybe it's just to spark something in you, or maybe it's something more.

You have a couple of options:

1) We can have a phone conversation (619-756-2741) to see if this feels like a fit for you; or

2) You can try out a Reiki / Healing Touch energy session


You can stay where you are and keep trying to cope with your life as it is.

But I say, "Let me help you!" 

Let's explore what's going on, together.  Let me be a conduit for your new awareness and connection to self.  Let me help you create a shift in your life.  It's what I am here to do.

I have a lot of clients who are ecstatic at the transformation they've been able to create for themselves, many in as little as four weeks.  Yes, really! 

Your Life is Waiting for You!

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